Mazarine Restaurant Dine-In Menu


Avocado toast (V) 9

Labneh, avocado, za’atar, Country sourdough bread

Labneh with pita bread (V) 6.5

House strained yogurt with mint, sumac, za'atar and olive oil

Brunch Platter 13.5

Two eggs your way, freshly baked croissant, smoked salmon, homemade fermented cucumbers and dill Crème Fraîche

Classic Breakfast 14

Two eggs your way, bacon, sausage, fruits, toast, home fries


Shakshuka 15 (V)

Two poached eggs, homemade shakshuka sauce, sourdough

Za'atar Manoosh Platter (V) 12.5

Homemade two Za'atar flatbreads, string cheese, tomatoes, cucumbers


Mushroom Benny on Sourdough (V) 15

Sautéed mushrooms, two poached eggs, hollandaise served on sourdough bread with a side of home fries

Shish Tawook Sandwich 12

Marinated Mediterranean chicken breast, turnips, lettuce, tomatoes, garlic sauce, pita bread served with seasoned French fries

Beef Kofta Sandwich 14

Garlic tahini sauce, lettuce, tomatoes, pickles, pita bread, served with french fries


Mediterranean Omelette (V) 13

Three eggs, mushrooms, spinach, onions, cheese served with fruits and home fries


Osmalieh (V) 7.5

Two layers of baked osmalieh dough, with homemade ashta. Topped with pistachio, edible flowers and homemade syrup

Ashta pancakes (V) 9.5

Homemade jam and ashta topped with pistachio and honey


V Vegetarian

GF Gluten Free

Extra-sausage, home fries, fruits, bacon, toast, egg, smoked salmon, avocado, ashta

Drinks Menu

Beers & Bottles

OJ Mimosa 9

Bottle of Prosecco 25

Dominion Two Flags IPA 6

Beyond the Pale Oatmeal Stout 6

Audio/Visual Lager Collective Arts 6

Beermosa - Collective Arts Beer & OJ 10

Aperol Spritz - Aperol, Prosecco, soda 10.5

Gin Lemon & Thyme Soda Collective Arts 6

OJ Mimosa for 2 – Prosecco Bottle & 12oz OJ 30

Caesar - Vodka, Clamato juice, Walter Caesar rim 10

Coffee Please

Add oat or almond milk for $0.70, flavoured shot (vanilla or hazelnut) for $0.25

Flat White 4.25

Turkish Coffee 3.5

Latte 4.25

Cortado 3.5

Espresso 3

Americano 3.5

Cappuccino 4

Matcha Latte 4.5

Happy Goat Drip Coffee 3

Sloane Tea (Bold Breakfast, Earl Grey, Jasmine, Mint) 3

Cold Beverages

Iced Matcha Latte 4.5

Happy Goat Iced Coffee 3

Happy Goat Iced Latte 4.25

Pop - Coke, Coke Zero, Ginger ale 2.5

Juice - Orange, Apple 2.5

Freshly squeezed Orange Juice 4

Sparkling Water 3

Take Home - Mazarine Quick Shop

Labneh (V) 8.5

400g of labneh dip (pressed yogurt)

Pacific Barista Series Oat Milk (VG)  5.5

946 mL

Shakshuka (VG) 14

32oz Homemade Shakshuka sauce (2-3 portions)

Cholula Hot Sauce 6

150 mL

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